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What is Crochet Boss Academy?

Crochet Boss Academy is a monthly subscription  designed to give you everything you need to have a successful crochet business. 


Each month, members will receive valuable content that will help them grow in a different, strategic, focus area of business from social media to marketing to organization and everything in between.


Content will be broken down step by step, explained in releatable, crochet specific terms and include applicable action steps you can implement to start growing your crochet business.


Worksheets, templates and/or guides will be provided to Crochet Boss Academy members each month to make building your business as easy as possible.  


CBA was designed by crochet business owners for crochet business owners. 


Take a look at everything that will be included each month. 

  • A monthly action plan to grow your business in a different strategic focus areas

  • Worksheets, templates and guides to accompany each focus area

  • Weekly Live videos for a Q&A session and a monthly masterclass all focused on that month's issue.

  • Access to the CBA private community Facebook group.

  • 5 yarny stock images to use in your business 

  • All new A Crafty Concept crochet patterns PDF's

  • Selling Tips sheet for each new ACC pattern 

The Crochet Boss Academy has helped me more than I could have dreamed of. My following on social media has grown consistently. I have learned so many new skills to grow my business. I have launched a successful website and getting orders consistently!


Ashley is so helpful and so caring! I love how she truly wants to help me grow and learn! She I such an inspiration and a dream to work with!!!! I am so grateful for her love to help!

Cassandra, Heavens Handmaid

Pricing Plans

Both membership options include all the Crochet Boss Academy content with a few differentiating features outlined below


30 day money back guarentee 



30 Day money back guarantee


No refunds



2 Months free

Access to the ACC Freebie Library

Random Bonuses 

The Crochet Boss Academy is exactly the boost I needed to get in gear and get moving on starting this business that has been in my head for years but I never knew the who/what/where/when/why of any of it.  I have already learned so much and there's still so much more left to learn and Ashley's guidance makes the process so much less overwhelming than trying to do it all on my own.  I am forever grateful for the support and encouragement from this community and I can't wait to see what comes next!

Jessica Schubert

Seriously the most amazing thing I've ever purchased!

I have learnt so much from CBA and my small crochet business is definitely growing because of it. Also Ashley's generosity and ability to teach is absolutely amazing. 

CBA is perfect for you if you are interested in growing your business!

Margaret Peters


Crochet Boss Academy has helped me in so many ways! Each issue is laid out in an organized manner and gives me one small focus for an entire month, making building my business a lot less intimidating and overwhelming and much more manageable. The feedback from within the group is invaluable even when its not specific to me. Seeing everyone go through this journey at the same pace and working on the same ideas not only gives me a good area to bounce ideas around but helps me realize that I am not the only one struggling or with questions. It's a safe place to learn and make mistakes. The Ask Me Anything's are so valuable and the Accountability posts and work sessions are a great way to build our CBA community. I have been able to take my idea of "I want to sell all the things" and niche down into one very specific area that I am so passionate about. I am already seeing growth in my following and in interest for my items. I have gained so much confidence in my brand and in myself just within these first few months, and I cannot wait to keep growing and learning. 

Nikki Robertson

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

If I sign up and Crochet Boss Academy isn’t for me, can I still cancel?

What is the ACC Freebie Library?

Can I cancel at any time?

If I get it at founding member rates will I have that rate forever?

I am a crochet designer and sell PDF patterns, Is Crochet Boss Academy for me?

Can I upgrade to an Annual membership at any time?

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Taking the Crochet Boss Academy course is like a friend sitting besides you telling you exactly what you need to do to be successful and cheering you on along the way. I've been crocheting for years and trying to sell for the past 12 months without success.  Within two months of joining CBA, I have more than enough business to keep me busy and so much confidence that I never had before.  

Shelley Payton

Ashley has provided such amazing insight and information for the members of her Crochet Boss Academy. In just 3 short months, I have completely changed my entire online presence and the way I think about running my handmade business and it’s only just the beginning! I cannot wait to see where her wisdom and insight will take me and my business after 1 year! You will make great friends along the way—all while learning so much about being a crochet-preneur! 


Crochet Boss Academy has taught me so much in just three months! Even though I haven’t opened my Etsy shop yet, I’m learning great things that will help me so much when I do! Ashley has been amazing at answering our questions and with our issues! You will not regret joining CBA!


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